The Region

The Alentejo coastal area is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Alentejo planes and stretches from the Troia peninsula all to the way to Odemira, perfectly located between the Lisbon metropolitan area and the Algarve.

Grandola is one hour away from Lisbon and it is the perfect destination for those that are beach lovers. With the largest extension of sandy beaches in Portugal and the third in the world the Grandola region incorporates Troia, the Sado River, Gale, Carvalhal and the Melides Lagoon.

Not to be missed are the beach at Melides, Aberta Nova, Gale, Pego, Carvalhal, Comporta and Troia.

The Grandola country side produces one of the best corks in the world with its cork tree fields and beautiful landscapes.

In the last few years the Alentejo costal area has become a tourism destination. Particularly famous for its equestrian activities, water sports, birdwatching and BTT. Cultural and music events also take place in this region with the most famous being the Sines music festival and the Zambujeira do Mar festival.

Yoga, regional Portuguese cuisine, surf, canoeing, climbing and Badoca park are all located within 15/20m of Terra do Sempre.

On the gastronomical side Grandola is the capital of one of the most famous Portuguese dishes “Cozido A Portuguesa”, but there is a lot more to taste, game, boar, lamb, pork and acorda (Bread Stews) are just a few of the traditional local cuisine specialties. The Bread is a local specialty baked in wood fire ovens and perfect with olive oil, honey and compotes, all produced in the region.

During the month of June and July you can experience the “Rota das tabernas”. Every week the “tabernas” will feature new regional foods and events. Please make sure to book in advance as these tend to sell out.

The August street fair is the largest gastronomical event in Grandola. With over 100 thousand visitors each year you will be able to experience the food and local craftsmanship.

During the weekends the Sousal Mines are a mandatory stop, visit the mines museum and enjoy the traditional miners lunch accompanied by the “Cante Alentejano”. All of this just 20m away from Terra do Sempre.

Please see below for other events and activities available in the Grandola region;

May – Nossa Senhora da Penha Celebrations

June – Annual Traditional Games Tournament

November – Chocolate Fair

The Regions Eco System includes several Preservation Parks – Reserva Natural das Lagoas de Santo e da Sancha, Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado, Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. The Estuário do Sado, Comporta-Galé e Costa Sudoeste bring enormous amounts of bio diversity to the region.

Terra do Sempre is working in partnership with local organization in order to provide you the best ways to visit and learn about the region. Bicycles, Jeeps and Quad Bikes will be available with discounted prices. We will offer several packages so that you can explore the region as well as being able to relax and enjoy some of the best beaches in Portugal.

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Beaches: visit this link (in Portuguese)